24 Nov 13:23

A rare and precious sense of triumph

10 Nov 20:35

Covid Christmas is going to be pants, but at least there may be a resurgence for the good version of ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’.

07 Nov 10:46

Quite the unexpected twist at the start of this Mr Men book.

04 Nov 11:31

Sorry everyone, my fault, didn’t realise I had this button

03 Nov 23:17

I see the Guardian have decided against using twee pixel art pictures of the candidates for their US election updates this time around. Can’t imagine why.

02 Nov 18:29

I foresee an extremely tedious news story in the near future

31 Oct 20:51

Hard to imagine a less appealing tagline for 2020 tbh

16 Oct 13:43

Fair enough.

08 Oct 22:37

Wikipedia has a very roundabout way of telling you that The Tiger Who Came to Tea is about a tiger who came to tea.

29 Sep 22:03

The small Nutella jar glass is very much the benevolent sibling of the Gü ramekin. Next time you want a pudding, consider just eating a jar of Nutella.