27 Apr 22:43

Asked Rory what he wanted to do tomorrow and he said ‘I just want to eat things and do nothing’. The dream.

21 Apr 18:10

Like most parents, I have in the past been scornful of Blippi, but I just heard him say ‘ducks are like the sea planes of the bird kingdom’ so now I’m fully on board.

18 Apr 18:56

My son just used his spoon to scoop the apple crumble off my spoon and eat it. Apparently this is called ‘sharing’.

31 Mar 10:27

I’d like Bake Off to lean into the amateur-ness more. Fridge rammed with leftovers, some of which are in the bowls you need. Doorbells that ring midway through the technical. Every bake starts with half your equipment in the dishwasher.

29 Mar 12:34

Finally recycled about five years’ worth of batteries I’ve been saving in a bag and forgetting to take to one of the innumerable places you can recycle them. Perhaps my greatest achievement.

24 Feb 09:01

Dreamed I took my fish to the vet because it no longer fit my bike’s fish rack but there was a wait so I ate the fish and then was very upset to realise the fish had not survived this. Is this down to covid or just my usual brain?

21 Feb 16:47

How are you supposed to exercise ‘personal responsibility’ over whether your boss makes you go into work?

27 Jan 16:57

In ‘The Wrong Trousers’, moon cheese shares have soared but Wallace and Gromit are broke. Did Wallace blow his moon cheese fortune on cosmetic surgery to create his distinctive wide mouth, which is not present in ‘A Grand Day Out’?

15 Jan 12:27

Reassuring when the guy at the covid test centre asks ‘Have you done a PCP test before?’