31 Oct 20:51

Hard to imagine a less appealing tagline for 2020 tbh

16 Oct 13:43

Fair enough.

08 Oct 22:37

Wikipedia has a very roundabout way of telling you that The Tiger Who Came to Tea is about a tiger who came to tea.

29 Sep 22:03

The small Nutella jar glass is very much the benevolent sibling of the Gü ramekin. Next time you want a pudding, consider just eating a jar of Nutella.

27 Sep 19:09

2020: our toddler sits in the bath shouting ‘Wash hands! Sanitiser! Sanitiser! Some soap!’

16 Sep 22:06

Well, this certainly looks like a well-produces compilation

05 Aug 09:59

I don’t mind noisy plastic toys, but if you design them to occasionally make a noise when left unused to attract children back to them, you can get in the bin.

31 Jul 12:24

All else aside, you have to admire the clear drafting here.

26 Jul 11:39

Facebook remembers everything about me except that I don’t want to use Chat Heads.

14 Jul 14:39

Why should I have to stop at zebra crossings when there is no evidence whatsoever that they protect drivers?