03 Jun 15:45

Why do the parents in Bluey do so much laundry when none of them wear clothes?

02 Jun 18:04

PSA: my son can’t quite interpret scale correctly, so if you drive a big silly SUV he will refer to you as ‘the little man in the car’.

19 Apr

My writing with Stories of our Lives

I write regularly as part of Stories of our Lives, a community writing and storytelling project based in Chorlton in Manchester. Sometimes I’m telling my own story; sometimes someone else’s; sometimes it’s something completely different.

You can read my writing on toys, springtime, silver linings and more, along with lots more writing from the community, on the Stories of our Lives website.

You can also support the project with a donation or by buying a copy of our first book.

31 Mar 14:38

My phone’s ‘Now Playing’ feature thought my neighbour’s lawnmower was ‘Reptilia’ by The Strokes.

18 Mar 18:25

Based on the mouse’s descriptions, it’s really not clear why anyone except Fox is so afraid of the Gruffalo.

17 Mar 11:00

When I type a password manually instead of letting my password manager autofill, and I type it wrong, I can’t help but see an edge of sarcasm in the ‘Do you want to update this password in Bitwarden?’ popup.

16 Mar 22:19

I wildly misunderstood this show as a child.

14 Mar 20:15

Brazil with Michael Palin looks much jollier than Brazil with Terry Gilliam