04 Mar 18:09

At 14 months, my son approaches life like a 90s point-and-click adventure game: wandering aimlessly from room to room, getting enraged at doors he can’t open, and bashing every object into every other object in the hope that something interesting might happen.

21 Feb 20:50

No wonder moving house was so bloody hard.

21 Feb 19:53

Rewatching Life on Mars. Spent ages trying to work out where I’d seen the actor playing Malone before and then realised I was thinking of Gene from Wreck-It Ralph.

18 Feb 18:08

Give us this day our daily oven baked yeast cookery

07 Feb 21:35

The Good Place finale was superb. But obviously it would have been better if it turned out they were all actually astronauts on their way to Mars passing the time in a computer simulation and Michael was Eleanor’s dad.

07 Feb 09:22

Managed to use up an entire bar of soap without breaking it or dropping it down the plughole. I expect to be elevated to the House of Lords by the afternoon.

30 Jan 21:34

‘If you’re a whizz at maths’

21 Jan 10:13

Very much enjoyed the BBC His Dark Materials adaptation, but not sure I can forgive it for adding a sinister overtone to my son’s adorable snowsuit.

18 Jan 12:46

Personally I just try not to leave any amount up there.