14 Jan 15:58

Huge controversy: the stool says ‘All Paws On Deck’, but Rocky is nowhere to be found.

10 Jan 16:38

I’d feel much more comfortable walking out of range of my phone while wearing Bluetooth headphones if I hadn’t read that bit in ‘The Amber Spyglass’ where they cross the river in the world of the dead.

10 Jan 13:53

Good time to attempt to compete with @Pinboard

23 Dec 07:42

This morning the toddler is repeating ‘Daddy was wrong and Mummy was right’. I’m not sure why, but it’s a good phrase to have in the repertoire.

22 Dec 11:00

Having a massive row with my toddler about which one’s Charlie and which one’s Lola.

20 Dec 10:37

‘If you’re wearing a suit then you’re working.’ ‘If you’re not in the office you’re not working.’ My three year old has a better grasp on the concept than these people. (He thinks you at least have to press buttons on a laptop for it to count.)

30 Nov 17:59

Enjoying an episode of Sarah & Duck in which Sarah falls asleep and starts dreaming and everything is exactly as surreal as it is in any other episode of Sarah & Duck.

06 Oct 15:18

Saw two blokes in suits sat outside Wetherspoons smoking cigars, their plates empty apart from untouched mushy peas. I can only assume this is Tory conference related.