31 May 18:35

May I?

29 May 17:58

In case you were wondering whether subliminal messaging works, this afternoon I had ‘Steal My Sunshine’ in my head for twenty minutes before realising it was because I’d used LEN in an Excel formula.

23 May 12:18

Dreamed last night the news said there had been no coronavirus deaths recorded anywhere in the world for a week, but I was unable to properly take this news in, because I had shit myself.

21 May 12:41

Give a man a fish and he will email you every time he needs a fish. Teach him how to fish and he will email you every time he has a problem with his fishing rod.

11 May 09:52

Netflix keeps recommending this to me but I’m not sure you can make an interesting TV series about someone who offers to help just after all the work has been done.

04 May 13:06

Just generated the Diceware passphrase ‘sheep hull patchy survive wolf upstairs proactive improvise collapse couch’, which is practically a short story.

04 May 11:23

You can have whatever books you like. You can have whatever opinions you like about the books other people choose to own and display. You can have whatever opinions you like about other people’s opinions, and so on ad infinitum.

03 May 11:03

My thought process just now: ‘Wow, this stopwatch has been running nearly eleven hours. I must have accidentally started it about… Midnight? Wait, this is just the actual time.

28 Apr 09:05

Looking forward to downloading both versions of the NT Live Frankenstein and splicing together a full-length tribute to this sketch https://youtu.be/mF4GsnJXX1Y

24 Apr 16:08

Don’t forget to downgrade your mobile data package to account for the fact you can’t leave the house!