17 Sep 19:55
The happy ending of Mr Sneeze is all the snow and ice near the North Pole melting and this bring good because people don’t get colds any more. Blatant ‘climate change is nothing to worry about’ propaganda from the wise old wizard.
02 Sep 19:37
Making up stories for a 3 year old is like making a Star Wars film: they always want another story about their toys but if it’s not exactly the one they’re imagining they’ll have a tantrum and demand you do it again.
31 Aug 15:25
Startup idea: a service which picks fights with you on social media about the thing you are meant to be working on, so that you get some work done in the course of arguing with them when you should be working.
26 Jul 13:55
What a great project: creating high-quality versions of public domain ebooks standardebooks.org/
01 Jul 11:00

Facebook gave me this notification in response to a photo of my son eating ice cream. Absolutely deranged.

Facebook notification reading: You can help grow engagement on your post by replying to fan comments.

27 Apr 22:43

Asked Rory what he wanted to do tomorrow and he said ‘I just want to eat things and do nothing’. The dream.

21 Apr 18:10

Like most parents, I have in the past been scornful of Blippi, but I just heard him say ‘ducks are like the sea planes of the bird kingdom’ so now I’m fully on board.

18 Apr 18:56

My son just used his spoon to scoop the apple crumble off my spoon and eat it. Apparently this is called ‘sharing’.

31 Mar 10:27

I’d like Bake Off to lean into the amateur-ness more. Fridge rammed with leftovers, some of which are in the bowls you need. Doorbells that ring midway through the technical. Every bake starts with half your equipment in the dishwasher.

29 Mar 12:34

Finally recycled about five years’ worth of batteries I’ve been saving in a bag and forgetting to take to one of the innumerable places you can recycle them. Perhaps my greatest achievement.