16 Jan 17:48

‘Elmer’ is surely the ultimate fantasy: to get a glimpse of how people are when you’re not around, discover they’re way less happy without you, and then do a joke so good they decide it deserves an annual parade.

09 Jan 20:45

Am astonishing new high for YouTube Music’s tendency to play versions of songs from weird compilations.

04 Jan 19:43

I wonder what our ongoing national disaster will announce this time.

02 Dec 16:50

I feel like this email is telling me something about what the Labour Party values about my membership.

24 Nov 13:23

A rare and precious sense of triumph

10 Nov 20:35

Covid Christmas is going to be pants, but at least there may be a resurgence for the good version of ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’.

07 Nov 10:46

Quite the unexpected twist at the start of this Mr Men book.

04 Nov 11:31

Sorry everyone, my fault, didn’t realise I had this button

03 Nov 23:17

I see the Guardian have decided against using twee pixel art pictures of the candidates for their US election updates this time around. Can’t imagine why.

02 Nov 18:29

I foresee an extremely tedious news story in the near future