19 Apr

My writing with Stories of our Lives

I write regularly as part of Stories of our Lives, a community writing and storytelling project based in Chorlton in Manchester. Sometimes I’m telling my own story; sometimes someone else’s; sometimes it’s something completely different.

You can read my writing on toys, springtime, silver linings and more, along with lots more writing from the community, on the Stories of our Lives website.

You can also support the project with a donation or by buying a copy of our first book.

30 May

Dan and the Dead Boy

A transplant patient struggles to return to normal life after his operation. Available in the Fiction Desk anthology There Was Once a Place.

Lying in recovery after my first satisfying piss in three years, I ran my fingers over the dressing on my belly and imagined sliding them through the incision to tear out the dead boy’s kidney. I saw it flop off the bed, a bloody half-moon left behind on the sheet, and landing on the floor to be carried off by a cleaner; and my body being mine again. They say it might last ten years. A decade with it, as my blood runs through and becomes his blood.