07 Dec

Chorlton Good Neighbours: Book Launch Saturday 14th December

This summer I took part in a fantastic new project called Stories of our Lives. Over four Saturdays, the project teamed up volunteer writers with members of Chorlton Good Neighbours, a longstanding community group for older people in south Manchester. The mornings were spent talking and sharing memories, and in the afternoon the writers composed vignettes attempting to capture those memories.

The project was fun, fascinating and a real challenge. On both days I was able to make it, I finished the morning thinking This will be easy! They’ve given me so much to work with!, and the afternoon wondering how in the world I was meant to capture so many memories in so few words, let alone with anything like the charm and wit of the original telling.

The stories have been compiled into a book, which is being launched at 2pm on Saturday 14th December at Chorlton Library. More exciting still, the project is running again next year, this time as a monthly event. If you’re local and interested, I’d strongly encourage you to get involved.

Huge thanks to Jolene Sheehan, Helen Hibberd, Nakib Narat and all the other volunteers for making all this happen.

One thought on “Chorlton Good Neighbours: Book Launch Saturday 14th December

  1. Only just saw this Mark! How lovely! Thank you! Funnily enough, the reason I saw it was linked to the fact that I am trying to transfer the book to an online format to suit the times we are in!

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