There’s some very odd stuff in the Telegraph’s ‘Weird News’ section. By which I mean that there’s stuff that isn’t odd in the way it ought to be. The Telegraph describes this section thus:

From the unusual to the funny and the downright bizarre,
we bring you a sample of weird news from around the world,
along with cartoons, blogs and games… because news
doesn’t have to be serious.

Let’s take a look at what they mean by that.

Plans for new east London ‘mega-mosque’ rejected by local council

Those crazy Muslims and their mega-mosques! Those crazy councils and their planning decisions!

Duchess of Cambridge pregnant: all worth it in the end, says young mother

Downright bizarre!

Weather: motorists face extreme conditions

Homes left underwater as Britain hit by more flooding

Anything about extreme weather seems to make its way into this section…

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ‘has chronic lung condition’

Julian Assange: ‘extremist’ politicians handing WikiLeaks ‘economic death penalty’

…as does anything about Julian Assange, apparently.

Cardiac arrest survival rates ‘dire’ and not improving

Because news doesn’t have to be serious.

Justin Lee Collins ‘pushed girlfriend in front of car’

Intimate partner violence: quirky!

Inadequate tests ‘sending disabled back to work’

How about that, eh?


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