30 Nov 22:23
It seems that however many times I read it, I never remember that in the first Winnie-the-Pooh story, Christopher Robin shoots Winnie-the-Pooh.
14 Nov 10:12
Just received spam in the form of an apology for a misdirected email, with a copy of said email underneath, which just happens to be answering someone’s request for recommendations of recruitment services. I guess in the age of big fines for spam you want a bit of plausible deniability.
12 Nov 19:41
I’m dreadful for not being able to start a creative endeavour without a clear idea, or finish one to my satisfaction, so sitting with my son while he draws and getting handed a new, unique, finished drawing every two minutes is a good reminder of how creativity is supposed to work.
09 Nov 12:22
The security services’ careers fair stand at the university where I work has been left unmanned with a box of pens on it. Terrified about what might happen if I nab one.
05 Nov 19:09

Made a macaroni cheese so good my three-year-old span around and gave me a double thumbs up. I have never been so gratified.

04 Nov 21:32
I rarely have a bad word to say about Bluey, but I’ve had Bingo’s favourite song stuck in my head for six hours and I would happily erase from history the whole series, all dogs, and the continent of Australia to get rid of it.