31 Mar 14:38

My phone’s ‘Now Playing’ feature thought my neighbour’s lawnmower was ‘Reptilia’ by The Strokes.

18 Mar 18:25

Based on the mouse’s descriptions, it’s really not clear why anyone except Fox is so afraid of the Gruffalo.

17 Mar 11:00

When I type a password manually instead of letting my password manager autofill, and I type it wrong, I can’t help but see an edge of sarcasm in the ‘Do you want to update this password in Bitwarden?’ popup.

16 Mar 22:19

I wildly misunderstood this show as a child.

14 Mar 20:15

Brazil with Michael Palin looks much jollier than Brazil with Terry Gilliam

08 Mar 19:50

‘AutoSergei’ demolishes the conceit that the meerkats’ meerkat-comparison service keeps frustratingly getting confused with Compare the Market. It should automatically compare meerkats.

02 Mar 10:34

Child won’t go to sleep? Toddler started tantrumming? The government has a great new service for you