31 Jan 16:57

Paid a couple of quid extra to get something from a seller on eBay rather than from Amazon. The seller bought it on Amazon, had it sent directly to me, and pocketed the difference. Not my most successful ethical stand ever.

30 Jan 08:49

Harsh but fair.

21 Jan 17:20

Why would anyone want to go to a house party of more than 15 people

20 Jan 10:30

Apparently ‘inappropriate or offensive language’ will soon be banned from passwords at my work. A philosophical quandary: if a word is immediately hashed and nobody else ever sees it, can it be ‘inappropriate or offensive’?

20 Jan 10:21

There is only one person in this house who my son will say ‘Good morning’ and ‘Goodnight’ to, and it’s the smoke alarm.

16 Jan 17:48

‘Elmer’ is surely the ultimate fantasy: to get a glimpse of how people are when you’re not around, discover they’re way less happy without you, and then do a joke so good they decide it deserves an annual parade.

09 Jan 20:45

Am astonishing new high for YouTube Music’s tendency to play versions of songs from weird compilations.

04 Jan 19:43

I wonder what our ongoing national disaster will announce this time.