31 Jul 12:24

All else aside, you have to admire the clear drafting here.

26 Jul 11:39

Facebook remembers everything about me except that I don’t want to use Chat Heads.

14 Jul 14:39

Why should I have to stop at zebra crossings when there is no evidence whatsoever that they protect drivers?

14 Jul 11:02

Disgusted by the nanny-state bedwetters who won’t let me have my balls out in the supermarket #ballmuzzles

14 Jul 10:48

All this investment in clever algorithms for music streaming and they don’t even bother to identify Chirstmas music and restrict it to Christmastime.

14 Jul 10:25

Curious about how much crossover there might be between the ‘We survived the blitz, we can survive Brexit!’ crowd and the ‘Wearing a mask makes my nose itch, I will not do it!’ crowd.

07 Jul 15:06

Why doesn’t the Twitter ‘Home’ algorithm use the same technology they use to identify interesting tweets and refresh the feed before you have a chance to finish reading them?

02 Jul 17:04

Reading ‘Hard Times’. Really the only thing that dates it is that they hasn’t invented the phrase ‘wealth creators’ yet.

02 Jul 16:43

Seems a bit harsh.

Oh, hang on, I’m still logged in to a demo account.