29 Mar 08:06

Well, YouGov, as it happens…

26 Mar 18:30

This evening, my son is mostly grumpy about my inability to summon more birds into the sky.

25 Mar 09:49

Bit perplexed that BBC News sent me a breaking news notification about microeaves interfering with WiFi but not about this BBC News – Coronavirus: Thousands volunteer to help NHS with vulnerable

24 Mar 11:52

First sunburn risk of the year! I guess I’m going to save a lot on sunblock…

23 Mar 08:28

Dreadful public health advice from this bear.

19 Mar 10:17

Both an extremely good and extremely bad time for my video-conferencing startup, Co-Vid

16 Mar 18:21

Oh balls, I just realised I’ve got a library book due back.

06 Mar 14:18

This recommendation from Google Play Music does not feel like an endorsement of my taste in music.