12 Dec 20:57

ELECTION NIGHT TIP: Trying to get a baby to sleep provides excellent cover for pacing up and down a room nervously waiting for the exit poll.

12 Dec 18:09

Came back from door knocking to find the front door lock had jammed and had to squeeze down the side of the house to get in through the back. Glad I’m not superstitious because if this was a sign I’d have no clue how to interpret it.

12 Dec 16:36

Rethinking my look after a nice old woman on the doorstep said she thought I was a Tory until she saw my red rose badge.

12 Dec 11:48

Off to Bolton to get the vote out.

11 Dec 21:25

It’s BIN DAY tomorrow! Remember, it’s not enough to just put out *any* bin. You have to put out the right colour bin. Otherwise you just make everything worse.

11 Dec 10:27

Let’s not be too harsh on Johnson for hiding in a fridge. We don’t want to discourage him from hiding in a fridge in the future, ideally forever.

10 Dec 12:15

Very kind of the Conservatives to provide us with lots of pictures of Johnson holding easily-photoshopped cardboard signs.

10 Dec 09:53

sausages wallets

10 Dec 09:12

Very interesting. A good friend of mine is a senior innkeeper at Bethlehem Inn – the boy shown in the manger by the Four Evangelists was in fact put there by his mother who then showed him to shepherds and wise men before they went back to their room.

10 Dec 07:15

In quick succession from Robert Buckland on Today, being pressed on yesterday’s nonsense: ‘This is an election that should be fought upon the high ground’; saying the Tories have failed on the NHS is ‘rather insulting’ to NHS workers. Amazing.